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  • Joe Casalese

When Should I File an Insurance Claim?


Roof damage is usually very costly to the homeowner, and any financial assistance goes a long way. In most cases, this damage arises due to bad weather conditions that are beyond human control. However, with the help of your insurance company, you can have an easy time fixing the problem. Due to the critical nature of the roof, any damage to it requires urgent attention. Therefore, you need to act fast and know when to contact your insurer. Do not go to the roofing company for help. Directly inform the insurance company and begin the process of claiming your money.

Wind Damage

Some areas get extreme winds that can significantly damage your roof. If you have shingles, you might find many of them missing, cracked, or broken. In such an instance, we recommend replacing your roof to ensure you get something lasting. Call your insurance agent and let them inspect the problem and jumpstart the process of getting your compensation. They will call an experienced roofing contractor to assess the damage and determine the repair needed. If the roof is beyond repair, the contractor recommends installing a new one.


If your area gets hit by hail, the top damage you will experience in most homes is damaged roofs. Since the icy water hits the shingles with huge force, it breaks and cracks them, causing significant damage. If left unattended, some of the water seeps into the attic causing more problems for the homeowner. However, with the help of your insurer, you can replace your roof without having to strain financially. Whether you choose to incur the cost, then get the funds deposited, or arrange for the insurer to pay the contractor directly, you can get the job done quickly.

Hurricanes and Storms

If you live near a beach, you may need to have insurance against hurricanes and storms. Such an area is prone to these weather conditions, and an insurance cover will prepare you for a rainy day. Hurricanes usually contain extreme winds and heavy rains, which cause lots of damage. If your area gets hit, filing an insurance claim will help you recover from the ordeal.


Since you will incur many expenses in repairing and replacing items destroyed in these harsh weather conditions, do not let roofing add to your problems. File a claim as soon as you can and document all the damage experienced. With the help of your insurance company, your home can become as good as new without incurring significant costs.


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