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  • Joe Casalese

Think Twice Before Hiring an Out-of-Town Roofer

When you decide that it's time to hire a roofer, where do you start? You have probably been inundated with ads on TV and billboards along the highway on your way to work or in town. You might instantly think it's a good idea to hire any one of those, but how much do you know about any of them?

Chances are, many of those companies that can afford the TV ads and huge billboards are not local. They are big roofing companies that come in from several miles away, sometimes even another state. It's a much better idea to do your research and hire a local roofer with an Orlando roof company instead.

Hiring Locally Is Good for the Local Economy Perhaps the biggest reason for hiring locally is that your purchase dollars are injected back into your city's economy. Hiring a local roof company means that the roofer you hire is using some, if not all, of the money you pay him or her to buy building and roofing supplies. Permits used to do construction inject dollars into city government, which can help lower taxes or fund city projects that benefit everyone.

What profit the local roofer makes in turn is spent on what the roofer needs personally. He or she takes the profits to pay for food, housing, etc., which also injects money back into the economy locally. To make sure you are hiring locally, find out if the central Florida roof company provides service to just a couple of neighboring cities or towns, or services the entire state. The smaller the business, the better the economy does when people invest in those businesses.

Vet Any Central Florida Roof Company Make sure that any company that gives you an estimate on your roofing project is who they say they are. Check their website. Check the reviews of the business. Check Better Business Bureau for any complaints and resolutions from other customers. Really do you your homework before you hire. You do not want to hire a second-rate, unlicensed, or uninsured roofing company that could result in you paying untold fees or pay for restoration work if the job goes bad.

Hiring Locally Means You Talk Directly to Someone on the Job Bigger roofing companies from out of state or from another part of the state farther away means that the supervisor on the job isn't even onsite. He or she is busy managing several projects from afar. The supervisor in this type of job may not even show up to check the work until the employees say it's complete. You can't confront a supervisor about issues with the roof if the supervisor is unavailable and unlikely to meet with you anytime soon.


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