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RoofBids is the trusted source for property owners, HOAs and property managers who are looking to replace any type of roof.  Let us consult with you throughout the process to ease the pain of the process.

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About Us

RoofBids provides its clients with an honest, trustworthy process that is simple and easy to use through your replacement roof project. RoofBids informs property owners how to navigate through the claims process with insurance companies BUT does not take a dollar of Your insurance money**.  RoofBids gets property owners multiple roof quotes from qualified roofing contractors and it’s never a cost to the homeowner.


 Did you know there are HUNDREDS of roof contractors in just Central Florida along?  How do you decide who to contact?  Home owners, property managers, HOA, commercial property owners all benefit!  After answering a few simple questions on our website, RoofBids will then go to work for you. They will contact qualified contractors in your area who will bid on your roof, giving you options. RoofBids will help you decide who is the best contractor for you and your family. At the end of the experience, we want you to have the peace of mind that you made the best decision.

**Please be aware that Roof Contractors are not legally permitted to represent you to your insurance company, nor legally permitted to market such service!

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Our Services

Our service to you is easy and stress free.  You have to make two big decisions (1) to let us do the work for you or not (2) pick the roof contractor you decide from the information we provide.  Our process is trustworthy and transparent, allowing you to see  everything you need to make your decision.

New Residential Roof

We provide a full consultation to explain the process of your home's roof and then we'll be in contact through the whole project.  Best of all, our services to you are completely free.  We get paid only by the roofing contractor that ends up doing your home roof.  We create a bidding for your house roof so that the prices stay competitive and we help the roofing company keep their price down by a low commission and lower overhead (since we do most of the early leg work for them).

Commercial Roofs

Almost all roof contractors will say they can do all types of roof systems and have experience in both residential and commercial.  The truth is that most don't have a lot of experience with commercial roofs at all but they want the "big project."  Let us find the right roofing contractors that specialize or have experience in your commercial roof system.

Solar Energy

Contact us now to get more information on going solar. We will help you get Solar Panels that will be tied into your roof system, not the bracket mounted systems that will void your roof warrant.

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